FEAR CASE #1 – What’s in the Box? (Kindt, T. Jenkins, H. Jenkins) Dark Horse Comics

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Comic Book Review, Indie, New Issues, New Releases

By Darren Shulman

Thanks to Dark Horse for the review copy!

FEAR CASE is one of those comics that worms into your brain. The issue starts out pretty normally, with two guys at a diner talking about coffee. Then things get stranger as we are introduced to the titular case, which can refer to the investigation or the actual physical box at the center of the mystery. As we dig deeper into the case, things get more bizarre … and more interesting.

The central mystery of FEAR CASE is filled with enough pseudo history to be believable, and yet fantastic enough to result in something original. The title peels back the big mystery with some old fashioned police (in this case, secret service) work – interviewing suspects and following leads. 

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