Anthony, Laura, and Tim offer quality and innovative products all while creating an impalpable sense of community and welcomeness to every individual that tunes in for their shows. The selection of genres that they carry is backed by excellent customer service and I truly appreciate the entertainment and knowledge they provide to us all on a weekly basis. Bird City Comics is simply outstanding.

Sarah Wojtcuk

Bird City is my go to online store for new releases. Their prices are fair, shipping is fast, and packaging is above and beyond. The packaging is so great it’s a pain to open but you know it keeps your books safe. If you want a good look at what Bird City Comics is all about I suggest you hop on FaceBook and watch their Monday and Friday shows. Once you’ve seen one you’ll be on their site waiting for the new releases.


Bird City Comics is what a local comic shop should always strive to be. They know their customers, and make sure everything is right. When the US Postal service in involved there is always a risk of damage, but they pack the books like they want them to arrive undamaged. This is the best Local Comic Store you could ask for! Check out their show on Facebook. Its a blast!

George Turnage

Bird City is a great resource for all things comics. Their limited edition runs are awesome!!! These guys always have great stuff. Their shipping is super fast, I always seem to get my books quicker than expected.

Realtor Ryan

Bird City Comics are always a lot of fun to interact with and their customer service is second to none. Anthony and Laura go out of their way to make sure buyers are satisfied with purchases. They also do an AMAZING job working with creators/artists to come up with some of the best exclusives in the industry.
Their positive impact on the community cannot be overstated and their live shows are on my "can't miss" list.

Chad Cave

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